Moneyism vs Meaningism

There is a multi-billion industry convincing us to get better and do more of the very things that are stripping meaning from our lives

When we are young, it starts with to-do lists

Next, we get into goals and plans

Before we know it, we are bought into their model

mission, vision, strategy, planning, objectives, goals, projects and tasks

This model is outside-in approach to life

Meaning what do I want in the future and how do I get it

Now, there are hundreds of thousands of well-written books and well-intentioned people selling products to help us get better at some part of the outside-in model

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that takes people in the wrong direction

This model of doing things releases the motivational chemicals of dopamine (getting things done) and cortisol (my life is in danger)

Overtime, these two, in a life run outside-in, are deadly cocktails

I call this model


Moneyism strips your life of meaning, but before we go there, let’s continue

The opposite of and outside-in approach to life is... inside-out

Inside-out is focused on what you have inside you to create and deliver value

It is a different way of thinking and being

Instead of focusing on delaying living your life until after a goal is finally met…

It brings your focus into how to deliver value into the moment

It releases the motivational chemicals of oxytocin and serotonin

Those chemicals are responsible for meaning, fulfillment, leadership, etc..

Thus, why we call an inside-out approach to life meaningism

Now we need both sets of chemical in us

But when we run our lives mostly from the corporate outside-in method, …

as discussed earlier, they become a deadly cocktail

Because they strip meaning from life (oxytocin and serotonin)

Think of two sets of chemicals like tanks filling up, where moneyism looks like this

When moneyism goes up, meaningism goes down and so does our health

We believe that the healthiest balance over time is the opposite of what we have been taught and are being told and sold by the self-help industry

And the opposite is also true, when moneyism goes down, it is because meansingism is going up and so is our health

And we accomplish this through...

A way to take an inside-out approach to life

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