Want to go in a
different direction?

Watch This
Completely different than everything else out there. We’ve checked.

Free Yourself

And now for something completely different

Old Way Life1

Doing more, faster in the wrong direction

New Way Life3

Doing less, slower in the right direction

Develop Capabilities

Abilities are completely different from capabilities.

(Capitalizing on things you do well)
Together, we find your unique abilities and transform them into deliverable capabilities.
(Things you do well)
“Life3 came from my personal struggle to find my way of life outside the confines of corporate work/life structure. Which for me was Microsoft. You have so much untapped value and such a better way of life waiting for you to show up it’s goin to blow you away. What you’ll find is that this is the life God has intended for you all along.”


Being alive is to thrive!

“…the thing that was the most embarrassing in my life, that I’ve kept hidden for a very long time, is what resonates with others…”
“This is the first time in my life where everything I’ve been through makes sense.”
“Josh told me it was a different way of living life, but I still found myself surprised that it is actually a different way of living life!”